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The progressive comic about GOP campaign promises.

Local Heroes

gone fishingSorry, but I'm trapped in a very late-night schedule and am just running out of steam before I can blather about what total greedy asshole fuckheads AT&T is. But that's a story for a more wakeful moment.



end rant

Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

GOP elephant: Hi! We're the GOP and, unlike the Democrats we refuse to buy your vote. No, sir! We won't tempt you with increased wages, we won't coax you with more jobs, we won't entice you with affordable higher education, and we certainly won't lure you by repairing roads and bridges. So if you're looking for a party that promises nothing and gives it to you, then vote Republican!
Say, didn't we promise voters more jobs back in 2010?
Musta been some other GOP.