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The progressive comic about the Republican Party hindering economic and social progress.

Hello Cool Cats and Kitties!

patreonYes, I'm still badgering you to support my little 'toon using Patreon. That's because you're liberals and liberals hate to be told what to do. You're famously known for your catlike unherdability. Frankly, I prefer that kind of orneriness in a reader base but it means I'll have to continue to bug you for at least another cartoon cycle or two. Or twenty.

If you were all more conservative this would be a cinch as conservative's fall in line like the slavering dogs they are. If I really wanted to make some serious money off of a webcomic all I'd have to do is take a conservative viewpoint and slag the Democrats every damn day. No one would actually read the comic but I'd get plenty of "grant money" from Freedomworks, the same guys who buy truckloads of Ann Coulter's books to boost their sales numbers and on Amazon and then recycle them as the greasy, itchy kind of toilet paper you find in lonely truck stops.

Right-wing cartoons are also easier to create because you can just make shit up. Conservative's never question new information that shows up in their feeds so I could draw cartoons showing President Obama as a teenager playing strip Twister with Pol Pot and them wingnuts would just go "I knowed it! Impeach that li'l half-breed bastard!"

But I'd never do that. I have enough trouble sleeping at night as it is. Speaking of which....



n case you're still confused Patreon, here's a video about how it works.


The point of today's cartoon is the Republican Party needs to change it's name to the Jack Squat Party because all they do jack squat. In fact, the current Republican-led Congress is less squat-intensive than any Congress in history.

Case in point, here's a popular infographic making the rounds lately, indicating the total lack of squat in Congress's legislative jack between now and November 5th, a schedule developed by the Jack Squat Party itself. Cushy gig, eh?

the  jack squat party schedule


end rant

Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

For want of a nail the shoe was lost,
for want of a shoe the horse was lost,
for want of a horse the general was lost,
for want of a general the army was lost,
for want of an army the battle was lost,
for want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
GOP elephant addressing President Obama: What's your point?