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The progressive comic about the American prison industry.

Home Cookin'

fruitcakeTo be honest, I've spent far too much time the past few days watching Mork & Mindy blooper reels to fashion a cogent opinion about the scandalously broken prison system in this country. All I know is if I'm ever sent up the river for selling loosies to Camp Fire Girls I'll need someone to bake me a cake with a brick of C4 in it. I thank you.


end rant

Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

He: The U.S. has the most prisoners, per capita, in the world! This is outrageous! We need to change the laws so that...
She: Okay, but what if those jails were full of polluters, war profiteers, and Wall Street bankers?
He: Why do you torment me like this?
She: I just like to see if you're listening.
And ivory traders and rhino poachers and whale hunters and sex traffickers and Fox News executives and climate change deniers and TV evangelists and baby seal killers and net neutrality opponents and the RIAA and Dick Cheney.